Sunday, May 5, 2013

The TeachersPayTeachers Appreciation Sale

Are you a teacher with some items on your wish list for TeachersPayTeachers? If so, this week is a good opportunity for you to get some deals on those ready-to-use lesson plans, educational songs, or Power Point presentations. 

Using the TpT Teacher Appreciation sale and promo code TAD13, you can get 10% off anything on the entire site. Also, many of the TpT sellers will have additional sales with up to 20% off per store. In short, now's the time to buy. TpT only has these sales two or three times per year, so take advantage of this one while you can.

Sellers Should Set Sale!

If you are a seller on TpT, I want to encourage you to run a sale between May 7-8. It's easy to do. Just log in and access your dashboard. Scroll down until you see the words "Throw a Sale!" underneath the caption "Marketing & Promotion". Click the orange, rectangular button that says "NEW SALE". Select the amount you want to discount. (I recommend the maximum 20%.) Then set the start and end date of your sale. Click "NEXT," and it will take you to a listing of your products where you can select which ones you want to be on sale. (Again, I recommend putting all of your items on sale.) Click "SUBMIT" and you should be good to go.

Why should TpT sellers throw a sale? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Teachers who have wish-listed your items have been waiting for this moment.
  2. Throwing a sale gives you more visibility by including you in a list of sellers on the "Sales & Discounts" page.
  3. Increasing your sales means increasing the possibility for more ratings and comments.
  4. Buyers who get a discount are more likely to leave a positive rating.
  5. Most of the customers on May 7th and 8th will be purchasing products that are on sale. Those products might as well be yours.
Good luck with all your buying and selling. In the end, I hope your students derive the greatest benefits.

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